CHENFONG DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. 有名なメーカー、サプライヤー、輸出国の一つである油圧リフトテーブルの工場とTaiwan。製造のラインでの長年の経験により、我々は、業界における当社の卓越したパフォーマンスで知られています。 Taiwan 我々は、有数のブランドの一つとして自分自身を助けた。我々は常に国際的な基準を満たすために当社の製品をアップグレードします。の誠意と努力と時間の配達を提供しています私たちは国際基準に品質と一致してきました専門家のチームを保持します。



Founded in 1983 and adhering to the motto “offering the best quality equipment to customers” to continually upgrade, we are now one of leading manufacturers of hydraulic scissor-jack platforms, which are sold in Taiwan and abroad under our own “CHEN FONG” brand.

Apart from scissor-jack platforms, we also offer practical and durable automated equipment including automated press brakes, steel roll feeding trolleys etc. to enhance production efficiency and product competitiveness.

Besides producing automated hydraulic equipment, we also cooperate with automated logistics equipment suppliers worldwide and have established a logistics equipment production system since 1999, meeting local logistics providers’ urgent requirement for innovative facilities. Our first innovation, “loading platform for containers and trucks,” is a more practical, logical product. Another product, “dock leveler(bridge),” is another handy tool for loading/unloading containers.

To enhance product quality and company competitiveness, we have been implementing CE system for scissor lift since 2002. We always do our best to achieve what costomers require and create a win-win situation.