Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

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Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

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  • Heavy Duty Scissor Lift - 3-2
Heavy Duty Scissor Lift
Model - 3-2

Product Name: Heavy duty lift

  1. Material: iron, hydraulic oil
  2. Color: apple green or according to your need
  3. High quality and competitive prices
  4. Sizes, capacity and designs can be customized
  5. Origin: Taiwan
  6. Shipment time approx. 45-60 days
  7. Heavy duty lift uses for forklift to get up the cargo
  8. Strong structure
  9. Bigger horsepower

We excel at installing all kinds of accessories, such as roller, railing, handle, wheels, retractable sheath, warning light, buzzer etc.
We have the most popular design and the most reasonable price, the quality is reliable.
We can also make the products in strict conformity with your samples.
Inquiries are welcome.

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